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Media Skills - Top Executive - Media Training Courses - air suPRemacy - Broadcast Media Skills Courses and interview skills training company in London, UK
air suPRemacy - Broadcast Media Training workshops and media training courses to develop interview skills for TV and Radio

Course - Media Skills - Top Executive

Duration: Half Day. 1-3 Trainees
Cost: £See Fees & Terms


Our most popular course! This is a very intense half day for busy executives. The pace never lets up. We recommend 2 trainers.
 Key message: "An interview is no time for an original thought."
·         We start with a quick TV 1:1  interview, just to get you acclimatised. This is followed by a short lively presentation on effective PREPARATION, the key to a good interview. It covers delivery, editing, studios, audiences and messages. It forms the basis of good technique and will prove a handy template for the rest of the course.

·         (Sound Bite Interview) Time for another interview. Novices may be quizzed about a highlight in their lives, a holiday or the birth of a child. This develops the concept of the key message and journalistic obsessions.

·         Some people will prefer a Radio Interview (as live) to promote voice technique, and lively interesting use of language.

·         More experienced interviewees move straight to a work related topic. This TV/Radio studio interview is discursive in style, and poses interesting delivery considerations.

·         After each interview we play-back and make constructive observations on style, content and technique. We may look at YouTube footage of other interviews for inspiration. The internet has created limitless new opportunities and dangers.

·        we can spend a few minutes on libel, ‘off the record’ and review the BBC and Ofcom regulations on the rights of interviewees, in the real world. (UK only)

·         Making Words Work. The second sound bite interview. Another As Live 1:1 interview on a chosen subject - 4 or 5 news/current affairs stile questions. The  trainee has to stay on message.

·         Now there are choices and options. Some people may want instruction on Print Media, phone-calls,  or a press conference?

·         Lastly everyone has to do a 90 second  ‘down the line’ interview (also called remote or 2 Way).


NB: The course is not intended to be a knowledge test, but nor is an interview just a filmed chat. JS


York Smith
Ursula Errington
John Stonborough FCIPR